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 How does it work?



Inductive Charging



Inductive Charging is not new. The safe technology has been around for time. Its use can be seen in many consumer electronics such as Electric Toothbrushes and Kettles. 


 What is new?  

In October 2010 a group of more than 70 global companies agreed on a global standard for wireles charging. (Click to see some of the companies involved). These companies are committed to bring products to the market place with the Qi standard. One of these specific products is the wireless charger which enables charging of mobile phones by inductive charging


 1st Generation  

Charging Pad plugged in. Phones without Inductive charging receiver need a charging cover to receive.


 2nd Generation  

Phones such as Nokia 930 are made with built in receiver. Click to see an example of phones with built in receivers. These will work with appropriate charging pads


 3rd Generation  

Charging Pad built into table tops and worksurfaces with a simple plastic cover. Wires below the table.


 4th Generation  

The Juicer Charging Pad embedded in the Table or worksurface. No wires to be seen - the phone to be charged just placed on the right spot on the worksurface/ table top to receive the charge.

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