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Wireless Chargers



Charger Pads

The portable charging pad is small, light and easily kept with a laptop/tablet or in a briefcase or handbag. The pad has a USB connector so you can plug into any device with USB output and simply place your phone on the pad to charge whilst you work. The pads are available in various colours.​

On the Surface

The surface mounted device is flush with the worktop, table or desk and visible to use.The surface mounted devices can be branded with company logo, business message/advertisement or left blank. Ideal for retail outlets, coffee shops, restaurants, airport lounges or waiting rooms.


The embedded devices can be hidden under table surfaces, worktops, office furniture. Having an embedded device in various locations will ensure you always have access to power without having to search for a plug socket to plug into – your phone can ‘Snack’ on Power whenever you place the it over the power site (charger) – you can choose to identify the exact position of the power site by adding a personalised/branded sticker or leave the furniture surface clear leaving the transmitter completely hidden. This type of device is an ideal option for bedside tables..​

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